What's the difference between a latte, cappuccino and a flat white? | L'OR Espresso

How to Make a Latte Macchiato

A latte is a type of coffee made with hot steamed milk and espresso that is milkier than a cappuccino. However, how many types of lattes do you know? In this article, we will look into how to make a latte macchiato without a speciality latte machine.

What's the difference between a latte, cappuccino and a flat white? | L'OR Espresso

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What Is a Latte Macchiato?

A latte macchiato is a coffee beverage whose name means marked or stained milk. By marked, we mean milk with an espresso stain. It is a play on the Espresso Macchiato, which is an espresso with a few drops of cream or milk.

Differences Between a Latte Macchiato and Caffe Latte

The latte macchiato differs from the traditional latte in that the former has more espresso, while the latter has a more balanced and delicate flavour. When preparing a latte macchiato, espresso is added to the milk. This is a different approach compared to when preparing caffe latte where the milk is added to the espresso.

Latte macchiato also has more foam compared to the hot milk used in Caffe lattes. In addition, latte macchiato uses half a shot of espresso or less. The latte macchiato is often referred to as a layered drink while a caffe latte is considered a mixed drink.

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Making a Latte Macchiato

A latte macchiato can be prepared by frothing the milk, pouring it into a glass, and adding a half shot of espresso. However, you will need to extensively froth the milk to produce a light, dry foam. The result will be a layer of liquid milk with the foam on top of it.

A simple Google search will yield a variety of latte macchiato recipes, some simple, while others are out light complicated. In this section, I will show you a recipe that works every time. However, I make a latte macchiato. After months of testing different variations, I believe I have a suitable recipe that you can make at home as well as in a café if you are looking to introduce it to your menu.

Latte Macchiato Recipe

For this recipe, the creamy milk foam and hot milk are fused with the delicious flavour of espresso to yield a good result. You do not have to be a trained barista to make one. This is with the hope that you will practice and get better over time.

These are the ingredients you will need for your latte macchiato:

  • One shot of your favourite espresso
  • 90 ml of whole milk
  • Sugar (or sweetener of choice)

As you can see, making a latte macchiato only requires very few ingredients. However, the work is in the art of preparation. Here is how to combine the ingredients for the perfect serving of a latte macchiato:

  • Prepare the espresso in a pouring pitcher or small cup
  • Foam the milk into a steaming pitcher and pour it into a glass or mug
  • Add the espresso into the glass or mug

It would help if you have an espresso machine as this will make frothing the milk much easier. However, if you do not have an espresso machine, place the milk in a pitcher and use an immersion blender. Blend for between 20 and 30 seconds.

Once you have served the macchiato, add sugar to taste or your preferred sweetener, then add the foam on top. With this recipe and a bit of practice, you will be making a perfect latte macchiato in no time.

Serving the latte macchiato is different from how you would present any other type of latte. For starters, you ought to serve it in a medium to a tall glass. This way, you will be able to show the distinctive layers between the espresso, creamy foam, and steamed milk.

Iced Latte Macchiato

As with any other type of latte, it is possible to make iced macchiato. However, you will require additional ingredients compared to the regular latte macchiato. With that said, you will follow the same process as outlined above but add ice before adding the wet ingredients.

Break the ice into a tall glass, fill with milk until it is three-quarters full, then pour hot espresso. You could also top it up with frothed milk or whipped cream.

This will be a great pick-me-up drink for the hot summer days, or if you are in the mood for a cold drink. You also have the option of using sweeteners such as sugar, honey, cinnamon, and other spices to add flavour to your latte macchiato.

Vegan Latte Macchiato

If you have made the transition to living dairy-free, then you should try the vegan latte macchiato. This includes substituting the milk for plant-based milk of your choice. Some of the best dairy milk variants you can use in a latte macchiato include:

  • Oat milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Almond milk
  • Rice milk

These and other plant-based milk variants give the latte macchiato a lighter texture while complementing the intense espresso flavour beautifully. It is not only a healthier option in that it has fewer calories, but it also has lower levels of cholesterol. With that said, it is not only reserved for vegans only. Anyone could try it out for the health benefits it has to offer including weight loss since coffee is an appetite suppressor.


Latte Macchiato is a wholesome drink irrespective of the variation that you take, whether iced or vegan. While the benefits of coffee are the same irrespective of how you prepare it, a latte macchiato is one of the best variants to try. The above recipe will guide you on how to make the latte macchiato at home or when starting a small business.

For the preparation, you will need to practice making it until you are able to achieve the distinct and gorgeous layers. I am always ready to guide anyone willing to learn the art of making the perfect latte. Please leave a comment below and let us exchange ideas on how to make a latte macchiato.

With that said, you should avoid taking caffeinated beverages after 6 pm as this will affect your sleeping cycle. For this reason, prepare your latte macchiato by late afternoon if you need to be alert.


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