When Are You Old Enough To Drink Coffee?

When I was a kid I remember starting many days off with a small cup of coffee – I wanted to be like my dad and grandfather who used to sit together in the mornings reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. Occasionally they’d chat but usually they sat together.

Of course way back then I had to go to school save for summer break so I was busy but we all got up early enough to just relax together before the day really got going.

I don’t exactly know how old I was when I started joining my dad and grandpa in morning coffee but I had to be younger than 10! At the time I remember doing this and then jumping on my bike to head off for school. Somewhere along the line I stopped biking to school so it had to been a long time ago.

Anyway I’m in my adult years now and I have a couple small children myself and I’ve started wondering when it’s safe to introduce coffee and caffeine into the linves of my kids. Did I start too early.

As it stands now I have a four year old and he watches me drink coffee every morning and he’s taken a liking to “helping” me make it in the morning. Every now and then I even give him a half ounce of coffee in his own cup – he actually asks for it!

Anyway, I have decided that all good things are best in moderation and so long as my son asks for it then that means he is getting some level of enjoyment out of it and I don’t want to stop that. I love my memories sharing coffee in the morning with my dad and I’d love for him to have those same memories too.

Is caffeine really all that bad anyway? I don’t think so. In fact I’m currently reading a book on the health benefits of caffeine and I’m pretty much sold that this is a good thing especially since it’s done me nothing but good all these years.

Now if you asked a professional they might say that coffee isn’t recommended to children but for me I think I’ll be happy to share in times like this so long as we moderate that is.

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